Zwift Game Release: The Drop Shop

(Eric) #84

I just purchased them via Zwift ios, now they took my drops and my wheels are gone! Zwift gives me back 275,600 drops!!

(Markus) #85

Sure? Haven’t checked this, but if you have purchased them via iOS they should still be available in your MyGarage. Event if they are gone from the shop?

(Eric) #86

Yes, my drop were deducted and the wheelset is still available to be purchased again, during in game I’m riding a funky setup as 808 front and a super skinny “202 lookalike” rear wheel

(Eric) #87

(Leon) #88

more pointless garbage on the UI that we cant disable and turn off :frowning:

Its a UI (USER interface) not a DI (Developer Interface) :frowning:

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(Daren) #89

Yeah, and it’s user feedback. It’s telling the user how many drops they have…

It’s not uncommon to have this sort of element in a videogame UI. Look at something like Burnout Paradise for example. You have a similar output for the “oncoming” statistic.


(Leon) #90

yes, but as with complicated MMO games (which zwift definitely is) all UI elements are customizable and users have the ability to turn each UI element on/off to suit their own personal requirements.
Your screenshot example actually proves my point in a way as its a very clean ui that only shows the player exactly what they need to play the game.

Zwift is bombarding its users with more info than is actually required to ‘play the game’ and none of it is customizable or can be toggled on/off.

And, granted, while some users may love that amount of info on screen, I’m sure a lot of users are like me, and want a clean interface where I can actually enjoy the world im riding in and not be bombarded with useless information like how many drops i have.

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(Daren) #91

Some MMOs do that, sure. WoW is the go-to example here with its super-customisable Lua-based UI. I know that Camelot Unchained are doing something that’s Javascript-based too.

But Zwift is more of a “driving game” than an MMORPG. And they tend not to have cusomisable UIs. At least in my own experience.

There are far fewer potentially interesting pieces of data to track or put on screen. I mean, in WoW you’ve got XP, current health, mana/stam/rage, spell bars, utility bars, pet bars, damage dealt, damage taken, heath received, current spell cast time, debufs affecting you, debuffs affecting the target, buffs affecting you, buffs affecting the target, possible party frames or raid frames, all sorts of other timers, maps, etc. etc. etc. It’s an enormous amount of information and having the UI system thay have is absolutely a beneft.

Zwift? Not so much I think.

Sure, I absolutely would love to be able to customise it and turn off various elements. Move them around, make it show my W/kg bigger etc. If they could do a Lua or Javascript-based UI system so we could modify it (and share our mods), I’l love it!

But is the UI complex enough to warrant the development effort? That I’m not convinced of.

There is a hack to hide the entire UI though. And that might be enough for you, if you have the Companion or a head unit to use instead.

(Leon) #92

I agree with some of your points but not on the “its a driving game”. While I come from a competitive FPS/MMO background since 1999, and not really played that many driving games other than GRID, I’m not aware of a driving game that has upwards of 8000 people on the same circuit at the same time?? In this respect, in terms of the social elements, and the amount of data potential there is to display in zwift (such as all the available ant+ parameters available on a normal headunit) , then I absolutely stand by zwift being an MMO with bicycles and runners.

Zwift on a 4k 50" TV is not an enjoyable experience. Its clearly a mobile app port with poor low quality textures and poor UI design.

On a 50" TV all the text is enourmous, the amount of dead space in each UI element is really bad.
The Zwift bold font used in game may be great for mobile devices and small screens but its totally overkill for large PC displays/large TV’s.

(Daren) #93

To all intents and pusposes the population of Zwift is much smaller than that as far as the player goes, because Zwift only shows a maximum of 100 riders on screen IIRC.

But the reason I compare it more to a driving game than an actual MMORPG is that I feel that’s more waht Zwift boils down to. It doesn’t have many of the subsystems of an real MMO game. There are no “quests” for example, no competing factions, no overarching story, no customisabililty (e.g. player-driven in-game events or scenarios, beyond a group ride or race anyway), no “encounters” or NPCs, no sandbox elements, etc. etc.

Even compared to a game like EVE that also has no prescribed story, Zwift lacks MMO gaming features; there’s no free agency in where to ride for example. Fixed turning points, and a completely fixed path outside of that minimum of player agency. That’s more like racing round a virtual Snetterton than playing an actual MMO game.

It’s “massively multiplayer” insofar as thousands can be logged in at the same time, but there’s little in terms of interaction either. We ride through each other, or around each other automatically. The ability to give a “Ride on” or press a sound effect is about the extent of player interaction. There are some gamified features such as the prize wheel at the top of AdZ, but once you’ve got all the prizes that is no longer relevant. Particularly at the level cap.

Where it sits at the moment, the “game” part of Zwift is pretty minimal.

I’d love to see Zwift add more actual MMORPG type events in-game. Things that might require some sort of additional UI elements, thus more flexibility to enable us to tweak it to our preferences.

I dunno, maybe a quarry game where one rider gets a 2 minute head start before a chase pack starts hunting them. But unlike a “hare and hounds” race, the quarry has free agency to make turns, and the UI shows a “scent trail” for the chasers. Maybe the trail is hidden within 100m of a junction so you can’t see which way they went without making a turn and then riding that way for a while. The quarry’s UI would display his current points from the event and an indicator of how close the chasers are. Similarly the chaser UI shows the scent trail getting stronger as they close in.

Or, or, how about some sort of boss fight encounter, where the only way to defeat the boss is to combine the power output of all riders who choose to ride over to the event. They’d have to sprint in certain phases, and back off in others (e.g. when the boss has a damage reflection ability up). Everyone present in the boss kill gets an XP or Drop bonus in line with the effort they put in to defeating him (TSS-related or something).

Dunno, spitballing.

But right now Zwift is just get on a ride your bike. And that’s plenty for many people, of course.

I’d like more. :smiley: And minigames. Like Devils, delivery challenges, orienteering challenges.

Then we need a far more customisable UI. :smiley:

XP and Gamifying Enhancements
(Joshua) #94

Delivery challenges would be sweet.

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(Jim) #95

First, I think they need to come up with a sensible reward system.


Nope :sob::sob::sob: I was hoping we would have drops too! Comon running burns more calories than riding :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::raised_hand:t3::raised_hand:t3::star::star:

(Ricky) #97

So far I’ve bought 2 bikes from the Drop Shop (Allez Sprint looks like the “Sagan Superstar” paint job (although yellow in the shop), and the Tarmac Pro) and neither have any discernible colour change available. Is this the new norm?

(Fred Houinato) #98

I have the same problem, I bought the Allez Sprint based on the color in the Shop which is yellow (and also because it’s the fastest bike at my level)

But it’s Turquoise! and you can’t change the color to something darker/neutral. Ideally the picture should match the bike you buy! I mean usually that’s what happens when you buy something in a shop :slight_smile:

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(Da Shorty🚴) #99


What about some others Bikes in Dropshop? Look or De Rosa or KTM Basso. Some fine Italian. . . Classic Bikes, Made of Steel --> Peugeot from the 80’ s and some jersey like Belgium Arrow. Wheelsets from Europa are also Good like Xentis.

Why the Marvic Wheels so Bad in rating???

(W) #100

Hi, I didn’t seem to get any drop points either ? Did you speak to Zwift regards this issue?

(Andrew) #101

I had to raise a ticket. Took them a couple of weeks from then to credit the drops.

(Bryce) #102

Cool. How about you fix the Apple TV remote issue and the “locked training plans” issue. 67 complaints.

Just saying.

(kirk hodgson) #103

I am new to zwift (currently in the 7 day trial) and In regards to the Ramp test, I completed that yesterday and today did the first of the Foundation rides in the FTP builder workout plan. After completing this ride i noticed that my heart rate zones were way above that of my power zones and thus what was meant to be an easy ride was rather difficult. I will do a 20min test in a couple days and see how that compares. Surely only a few days on zwift wasn’t enough to fatigue me that much…