Zwift Game Release: Oct 31, 2018

(Steve Darling(d)�) #21

Ability to integrate training programs with common calendar apps iso google etc. Keep up the good work

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #22

Oh yes, good shout! Now that Richmond doesn’t even get any airplay in the course schedule, this must surely be coming.

(Itai Katzhandel) #23

bike setup using the companion app. better elevation map to understand distance to top and what to expect regarding the upcoming grades. more climbs. thanks! :grinning:

(Raven Paice (Mtb)) #24

Hi guys, Love the NYC course. Would it be possible to add longer flatter routes that could be used for ironman / triathlon type rides i.e. with max gradients of 5% . These are also great for the not so fit riders to get some decent saddle time in.
Keep up the great work :wink:
Thank you.

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #25

Thank you so much for the option to mute the title music!

(Sussex Geezer) #26

No iOS update from Apple yet?

(Andy Ball) #27

Cool stuff

What is the version number ? Is there a way of forcing update on Apple TV ?

left swtiched on for an hour and checked App Store / Purchased / Recent Updates and not kicked in yet

(Mike Ebacher ODZ) #28

Always enjoyable, keep up the good work! and don’t take all those very nonconstructive criticisms to heart.

(Robert K Oswald) #29

Request the Zwift Companion app include the monthly schedule.

(Michael Travers Travers Bikes) #30

It would be great if you could fix the known issue with the Elite Directo in ERG, it hasn’t been working for a number of months now!

(Rob Lines, Tri-Anglia) #31

Can just disconnect from the Direto in configuration and reconnect to get ERG mode back.

(Rob Lines, Tri-Anglia) #32

Something that long term Zwifters have been asking for?
Ability to select which course we ride on at game startup and then select route on that course after that?

(Nicholas Gervais) #33

Is this going to fix issues with running through fences and “in” curbs? Also typos in run training plan. This is on Samsung unreleased app

(. Chris Ziggy Moore ) #34

Zwift. :joy:

(Steve Barnard ) #35

predictive text is great… :slight_smile:

(Rob Gayle) #36

As for what’s next…well, we are putting the finishing touches on a change that we think many Zwifters who’ve been around a while will enjoy.

Return of the original “Zwift Island” ?? :slight_smile:!

(Carl Hansen) #37

Please add my vote to this request. I’m never sure which direction I’m going!

(Rick Venegas) #38

Perhaps give us the ability to customize the size of the windows in game and maybe something to add is to be able to setup a training or a ride using the app instead of getting on and off the bike to apply or make changes on the computer…

(David Pugh Stw (D/C?)) #39

Usually I’m dashing home from work for an event and can’t allow more time. Option to defer the update until after a ride would be BRILLIANT!

(Matthew Bird) #40

When will the iOS update be applied?