Zwift Game Release: May 3, 2017

Hey Zwifters! There are lots of little goodies in todays update, and one of the most exciting is the Route Previewer. The Route Previewer will let you see essential route details as well as a map showing the entire route. This makes it much easier to visualize what is involved in riding the infamous Pretzel or the London PRL route.

Routes are a handy way to pre-select what turns you’d like to take automatically during your activity, but of course you may deviate from a route at any intersection using the arrow keys or Zwift Mobile Link any time you wish (events excluded).


Additional notable changes include:

  • Non-race events can now be joined after they are started. Give this a few days to be fully enabled for events on the calendar.
  • Each event can now have a list of backup ride leaders. The top-most leader on the prioritized list that actually shows up to the event will be the leader for that ride.
  • Our EULA acceptance is now in the game. Same as always, just new location. Exciting!
  • May missions added. Finish the prescribed ride each week to complete the mission. Completed mission badges will eventually show up in your achievements list later this summer.
  • BETA : Power meter + Smart Trainer ERG mode. Zwift will make an attempt to control your ERG enabled smart trainer now even if you’ve paired a separate power meter. For best results it’s recommended that both devices are calibrated beforehand. You can simply uncheck the “Use ERG mode” checkbox when selecting your workout for the old behavior.
  • Custom Daily targets added for runners. You’re no longer limited to the presets.
  • BETA : Support for a soon to be released update to Zwift Mobile Link that will enable Apple Watch support for running pace and heartrate reading.
  • iOS: all rides now save to HealthKit (if HealthKit is available and access is granted)
  • iOS: added feature help us determine why some users activities do not always save properly (ie, an activity never shows up on Strava or our own Zwift activity listing)
  • Japanese Language support


If you’re wondering when the next expansion is, you’re not alone. We’ve recently grown our amazing art team and it finally allows us to work on multiple expansions simultaneously. Due to London now not holding back future Watopia enhancements we decided we could spend a little more time polishing our upcoming London expansion. It’s coming soon, we promise!

Speaking of things coming soon, this update also contains the bulk of our necessary changes for our impending Apple TV beta test. Expect to see beta invites go out any day now.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift