Zwift Game Release: January 8, 2018

Hey Zwifters, today’s update has a little something for everybody in it.

First and foremost, we’ve added new rural roads in the London box hill area that you’ll be able to try out next time you’re on the London map. This should give Zwifters more options, as you can now do an entire ride out in the countryside if you wish. It is important to note that users on older versions of Zwift’s London course will not see other riders (so be sure to update).

Second, some routes now have relocated starting areas (except during events, which always start in the starting line area). A good example is if you select the “Jungle Circuit” route in Watopia. Choosing it will now start you very close to the Jungle area - especially useful to runners who would normally be worn out by the time they got over there. Volcano circuits, Classique, London Flat, and Richmond flat also support this new feature, and we’ll be expanding on this with future routes. We may also add multiple starting areas per route to allow you to choose where you’d like to start in a future update. If that appeals to you, let us know on the forums.

Of course, as with every update, there are many other small changes. Some of these include:

  • Added a more visually obvious starting line to timed segments.
  • Partial fit files uploaded to should be less likely to be considered corrupt by 3rd party services.
  • Hologram treadmills were added underneath runners warming up for an event.
  • “Achievements” screen renamed to Badges, and that screen now should show your Achievements and Mission badges you earn going forward.
  • Reduced bluetooth bandwidth usage on latest Tacx Neo firmware on MacOS. Fixes power data being somewhat unresponsive in Tacx’s latest firmware.
  • Disabled Tacx Neo vibration function when warming up on wooden piers in Watopia.
  • Players can now be seen through transparent objects like the RideOn thumbs and leader beacons.
  • Users under 13 can now see ride leader messages, but no other messages.
  • Cadence and pace text are now larger in Zwift running mode.
  • Minimap is now zoomed in further for runners.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift