Zwift Game Release: August 4, 2017

It’s that time again Zwifters - another update full of goodness. One of the most visible changes is that we’ve improved our avatar customization system to include many more options and items to choose from. This also sets up the framework to allow us to add many more customization options in the future - so tell us what you’d like to see here.


Recent changes include:

  • Avatar customization redone for cycling, and is now available for runners as well
  • ANT+ FE-C trainer calibration button added for some trainers. This may take one or two runs of Zwift before we properly detect the capabilities of your trainer. Until then the button on the pairing screen may not be visible. You must pair as FE-C to use this feature.
  • Bluetooth support for calibration on Wahoo and Cycleops smart trainers
  • Italian language support added
  • Runners can now earn items and level up to level 10
  • Running threshold pace increase detection added
  • Better support for many event subgroups to start in a single gated area
  • August mission added
  • Graphics slightly improved, ‘floating grass’ fixed
  • Computrainer should now work more reliably
  • ERG resume made slightly easier to trigger in workout mode
  • Sim mode made more reliable on Wahoo and Cycleops trainers over bluetooth (Mac/iOS)
  • Pair to Withings/Nokia account on your connections page and have your in-game weight updated any time you step on your Withings scale.
  • MapMyRun / MapMyRide activity upload support added. Pair accounts via the connections page.

NOTE: iOS update containing these changes is still in the process of getting into the App Store now. Please allow a couple of days for it to be made available.

We are continuing to work on our next batch of new roads, improvements to events, and some very exciting Zwift Mobile Link app updates. We are also continuing to grow the team at Zwift so that we can deliver more of the features we’ve got planned as soon as possible. Check our job listings and join the pack!

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift