Zwift freezing on southern coast when following robopacer

Zwift freezing when riding with Robopacer. When this happens, graphics freeze and update approximately every 20 seconds, but also results in my falling off the group (evidently not updating my power/position/speed). This is very repeatable. Rebooting the app and/or device does not fix the problem. I have only experienced this while on the new Southern Coast loop with a pacer group (Maria). An interesting note: on 2 occasions I noted that the app un-froze as soon as the ROBOPACER crossed the level barrier to the Mayan Jungle (not when I crossed! - I had fallen behind the group), and the rest of the ride behaved normally.
Zwift Ver. 1.56
AppleTV 4k
Zwift Hub
Zwift Play

If it’s a second or third generation Apple TV 4k, try turning off the video screenshots feature in settings.

If all else fails, do a factory reset of the Apple TV device.