Zwift freezes on iPad when incoming FaceTime call received

If Zwifting on my iPad and I receive a Facetime call, it rings on both my iPhone and iPad. When I answer on my iPhone, the Zwift app freezes on the iPad and becomes unresponsive. I then have to swipe to close. I was on Tour de Zwift having done 20 miles out of 22 miles and was kicked out the the event . On reloading Zwift that time I had the option to rejoin but only to continue the ride not the event. Another time I lost the ride completely.

Is this a known issue and if so is there a work around for it?

I’m using the iPad Air 3. Mine does the same. Call comes in and Zwift freezes up. Major bummer if in a race…
luckily so far I’ve just been on a recovery ride and not really an issue. And I’ve been able to rejoin the ride only losing a little time. Trouble is if you put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode the Zwift companion app doesn’t work! I feel your frustration. Hope the tec guys can sort this out.

Why does the app not work in airplane mode? It must be a Apple issue, I always zwift with phone in airplane mode (Android; when I activate airplane mode WiFi switches off, but I can switch it on and no issues).

Hey Milan.
I’ve just tried that. Airplane mode, swipe to WiFi and turn back on. Wicked, that’s the thing to do for no calls while riding… sorted. :+1::+1:

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Going to Airplane mode won’t work for me as I need the wifi for Zwift and then FaceTime calls are still received. I have found a work-a-round. Simple really, disable FaceTime on the iPad. Go to Settings, FaceTime and move the FaceTime toggle button from green to grey.