iPad freezes

Several times my iPad freezes mid race and kicks me out of the event, is this down to internet or Bluetooth connection issues. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark

Hi Mark,
Does your IPhone also have cellular capability or it is only WiFi? If it does have cell phone capability then you might try disabling the phone part of it while you Zwift so the WiFi connection is more stable. The other thing is try and insure than other devices are not competing for your BlueTooth signal. I Bluetooth to my Apple Watch while Zwifting on my IPad without problems but on my Iphone I turn off the Bluetooth in the Zwift Companion App.

I have had a call come through to my iPad before but not sure if I set it to do that or it just came through as I didn’t answer the call on my iPhone. Not sure if my HRM is Bluetooth or Ant+ Would that make a difference ? My Iphone is also on the bike while I’m riding should I turn the Bluetooth off on that ?
Thanks Mark

Just because a call also comes through in your Ipad doesn’t necessarily mean you have a cellular plan on that Ipad. I think you’d know if you were paying extra for a cellular plan so that’s probably not it. . Your HR monitor wouldn’t cause the problems with Zwift that you mention. I would certainly try turning off bluetooth on your phone while riding Zwift and see if that makes a difference.

Although this sounds more like an internet issue and Bluetooth but worth a try. I had dropouts with my PC but never with my IPad.