Zwift freezed when Ipad "Low battery" notification pop up

Zwifting on Ipad today in group ride event, ios “Low battery” dialog pop up and screen freezed, a “Dismiss” button on the screen to force me to tap for dismiss this dialog.

After tap Dismiss, the screen still freezed. No respond even I kept pedaling.
Quit the app by pressing home button, and reopn, still freezed.

Closed the Zwift in background and reopen, request me to login and pair sensors. All select & paired,
as me want to “Resume” previous event, I tap “Yes”,
but nobody on the road, no duration status on top, no group mate.

Happened twice in this week already.

Plug your iPad in?


It just freezed. Had to reopen Zwift , and unable go join back event.

I get that, but if the problem is caused by the iPad low battery warning, why don’t you just plug your iPad into a power source while Zwifting?

Because I had this happens few days ago with battery still 50%,
So I decide to make a post here trying to get some attention about this, for the game unable to resume properly.

So what triggered the freeze that time if it wasn’t the 20% battery remaining warning?

Yeah, this happened to me for the past 2 days whenever notifications came up… Pretty frustrating. Was doing WBR and got booted out because of it. Had to do the event again so that I could get the kit.

Don’t know yet, already submit file to zwift. Looking for other who had similar issue

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Try to hit “Vote” to get attention from Zwift then. I try to be positive to Zwift.

I’ve had the same issues when trying to clear the low battery window…game just freezes. Plugging in is clearly an answer (I had but battery was low) but the issue shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Hopefully they’ll acknowledge it and try to fix it.

I had same, even though plugged in to another usb charging device (piggy backed) but also had when around >15%… with notification - infuriating

Were you draining more than you were charging?

Probably. But even so, the 10% notification shouldn’t have caused the Bluetooth/WiFi connection to drop??

I’ve had this too.

Seems if the iOS runs over the top of the app I get a freeze. I accidentally swiped left when trying to touch the screen and pulled up the widget thing and it froze.

iPad Pro (12.9, 3rd gen). Had with multiple versions of Zwift

Still having Zwift freeze on me whenever I attempt to clear an iOS notification. Clearly the option is there to leave the notification visible but it is invariably sitting over key Zwift info.

Also Zwift crashed on me after finishing Triple Loops route and mid-way through a race without an iOS notification ‘event’. Hugely frustrating, the software is not as stable as it should be :rage: