Zwift free hub body and Shimano CS HG500 10 speed 11-34 cassette

Hello, i got a question if zwift freehub body
is compatible with shimano casette cs hg-500 10 speed 11-34?

Hi @Oxana_Pikman welcome to Zwift forums.

Yes. CS-HG500 will fit on the Hyperglide-compatible freehub body that comes with the Zwift Hub trainer. The cassette is a bit narrower than the freehub body, so you will need to install the 1.8mm spacer behind the cassette to take up the space. Here’s how.

I want to put a Shimano 10 speed cassette (HG 500 11-34t) on my Hub One in place of the cog. Do I need a spacer and if so what size? I’ve order the Hub One but it hasn’t arrived so I’m not sure if a spacer is included to change to a cassette. Thanks.

1.8mm spacer

I don’t know if your new trainer will come with it, but any bike shop will have it

Hi @Ackpilot welcome to Zwift forums.

A 1.8 mm spacer is not included with the Hub One because it’s not needed when using the Zwift Cog.

Thanks so much for your answers. I appreciate it!

I reached out to Zwift customer support via email and they responded that a 1.55mm spacer is the one I need.

Is 1.8 or 1.55mn the correct size? Thanks

1.85 mm is Shimano’s specification for the spacer needed for this cassette.

Many other brands make a spacer for this purpose, and I wouldn’t sweat it if the difference is that small. The important part is that after you install the spacer, cassette, and tighten the lockring - that you can’t wiggle any of the cassette cogs side to side.

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