Cassette compatibility on Zwift hub

Hi, I just purchased a Zwift hub one and want to put a cassette instead of virtual gears. My bike wheel is a 10-speed hub but I run 11 speed groupset and Shimano HG700 11speed cassette (without the spacer so it can fit on my10s hub). When I install a HG700 cassette (with spacer) on the Zwift Hub; my derailleur is not aligned properly so I can’t easily hot-swap from road to trainer without adjusting the derailleur. To align properly, I need to remove the spacer but then the cassette is not wide enough to be tightened properly so it’s noisy and will likely damage it in the long run. Do you think a standard CS-R7000 11s cassette will have the same issue as my HG700 (ie. derailleur not aligned)? Or should I try to find a thin spacer to better tighten my HG700 cassette but not shift too much so it keeps the derailleur alignment? Any other options (other than changing my wheel to 11s hub)?

The HG700 is designed to be used with a spacer when installed on an 11 speed freehub. My guess is that you’ll probably still need some derailleur adjustment or playing with small spacers if you use the R7000 cassette. If you have a caliper and measure from the small cog to the dropout when on the trainer and compare the measurement to how it sits when the rear wheel is installed, that can help you understand how much difference exists.

Thanks Paul, I also think the smaller spacer might be the only option. Will give it a try