Zwift for Mac, music starts, computer locks up

Hi All,

Running Zwift on a late 2009 27" iMac i5, 12GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB.

 Have used Zwift previously on this mac but not for a long while. 

Reinstalled last night, started Zwift and after clicking “Ride”, the music starts, Zwift startup screen appears to minimise (I see it collapsing into the dock), and then the computer locks up completely. I just see my regular desktop, the music continues to play and the mouse moves, but the computer is completely locked out. 

I can’t quit the app, I’ve had to hold power button in each time to power down. I’ve even updated from El Cap to Sierra and it’s the same. 

Any one had any similar issues?



Hi Joanna,

This sounds more computer-related and possibly driver-related (though, on a Mac, chances are slim).

First thing I would do is run Disk Utility and do the ‘First Aid’ option.

Then, I would uninstall Zwift completely and then re-install it thusly:

  1. Open up finder
  2. Hold the “Alt/Option” key and click Go > Library
  3. Open “Application Support”
  4. CTRL-click (or RIGHT-click) on the Zwift folder and move to trash.
  5. Re-run download the installer from and run it

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks Eric but I’ve had a reply from Zwift support and it appears there hasn’t been a driver update for my graphics card for some time.

The card is apparently well known for being buggy as heck (from my Googling in the last 10 mins), so my Zwift journey is over before it started. According to some other sources, it’ll lock up even if I use bootcamp. 

Thanks for your suggestions anyway. (I’d already reinstalled it a couple of times, no difference.)