Zwift drop out on zwift tacx worlds champ sun 16 oct.

Drop out after 37 min solo ride rest see image, did not get back in see strava file.

Internet was not a problem, had TS and Nathan on stream no problem there.

I expect more from a paid service, fix your bugs.

Hi Lars –

Sorry for the frustration. You were not alone in experiencing problems – it was indeed a problem on the server end. Our monitoring tools noticed it as well, and the server team is investigating the cause now. Once we identify the cause and implement a remedy to prevent future recurrences, we will then begin the work of assessing why our testing missed the problem, and amending our testing procedures accordingly. We agree that server problems like this are not acceptable.

Our apologies again,




Zwift really needs to enhance their software to record offline if this happens.  Just because we are not riding with others does not mean our workout cannot continue.