Zwift down? I hit Ride it simply closes time after time :( :(

Finally my day allows me some time to ride…zwift then fails to open. Frustrating. Is zwift down?? Monday 22 05   UK.

The Player opens, I hit ride icon then the player justs shuts down entirely. Everything else is working on my laptop, internet connection is strong and not cutting out. It’s just zwift that is failing. Is it just me or are Zwift fixing this? Thanks.

Hello Rolf,

We are not experiencing any issues currently. I have created a support ticket so I can help you troubleshoot any issues.

Ride On

I just downloaded and I’m having the same issue. Any update on this case?  Thanks!

There’s a wide variety of reasons Zwift can crash on startup, so it’s best to open an individual email ticket if you need further help troubleshooting this problem.

@Doug - I’ve created a ticket for you. Keep an eye on your inbox.

If anyone else is having a similar problem, please open a ticket from the link above.