Zwift closing down

(Marty Curren) #1

Started my ride at 15.20 uk time and all was well until an hour into game Zwift froze and I lost resistance. I had to shut laptop down to get it to work again. Over the last week I have had Zwift just close on me. I am using a macbook and a wired internet connection with 150mps. Is this the programme or my laptop?

(Paul Allen) #2

My guess it isn’t your computer since I’m not seeing any other issues like this recently. Make sure you close any other programs before opening Zwift.


(Mark Miller) #3

The Zwift app keeps closing on me within 10-30 seconds after logging in.  Once started to happen after the latest software update, It also doesn’t find any Bluetooth devices anymore.

(Fred van Oostwaard) #4

I have a sort of  the same issue. After login, zwift starts browsing through some pages showing some "commercial"info on Zwift, and then shuts down. Working on a windows  (10) laptop, recently received some windows updates.

(Gerrie Delport) #5

Fred, I sound like your graphics drivers are out of date, try to update those