Turn off Zwift = turn off MacBook

Hi all,

It’s quite a strange situation, but every time I finish my ride on Zwift, I sync my training to the selected services and the app closes, my Macbook tries to shut down too.

How can this be related?

This is normal for Zwift.

This does not sound normal.

The second part is my concern :wink:

overheating? seems like that would happen during the ride, not at the end however. Can you put a log file into www.zwiftalizer.com and see if that shows any weirdness?

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How exactly are you closing the Zwift app?

What version OS X are you running?


And I was going to tag @Lin_Alan to assist.


I can’t see anything abnormal :frowning:


Well, after syncing with strata ang Garmin the app closes it self.
It’s updated iOS on new Mac book!

Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-28 o 08.29.54|690x323, 50%

Did this start recently or are you a new Zwift user?

Does the ride actually get uploaded to Strava and Garmin?

Perhaps, remove the Strava and Garmin sync to eliminate that as a possible problem source. Then do a short 2-3min ride. Save it and exit Zwift. See if your MacBook shuts down.

I got several problems with the app itself. It couldn’t get internet connections (only on Mac), and I need to do some “magic tricks” like reinstall app etc. At the end I got it - it works. I get sync to starve and Garmin without any problems.
The only issue is after the sync somehow it’s not only shut down the app, but whole computer. However before those connections problems everything was OK - Zwift app was shunted down after sync and that’s it. No intervention into iOS. So it’s quite weird!