Zwift doesn't work after update

Today I was forced to update zwift. After I updated zwift and went into a workout, what I know I’m pedalling is over 200 Watts and it’s only reading 40 W. The training program wants me to be at 85 W for a warm up and I can’t even get there peddling my hardest. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the problem is the same. Version is 1.25.1(100984).

Hi @Clint_Pletzer, we will need more information about your system and setup to offer any help. There are hundreds of different combinations of hardware and software that work with Zwift, please be very specific.

I have Tax Vortex (28216203) and am running zwift on my pixel 6 phone. Didn’t have any issues until I installed the latest update, so it makes me think that it’s some kind of bug in the update. Just tried a free ride as well, and it’s the same issue. I’m peddling my heart out and getting up to 30 Watts when I should be well well above that.

That is a wheel on trainer correct? Have you ensured there is enough tension on the roller that the rear wheel comes in contact with and the wheel is fully inflated? Can you calibrate the trainer with the tacx app?

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Maybe it is the trainer. Just tried to calibrate and can’t get above 7 mph. There’s definitely pressure on the wheel because I can feel the tension, but I just can’t get it to go to a higher mile per hour. Just fill the tire up with air too. Really weird that everything worked perfect until this morning’s update though.

Tried to calibrate on the tax app.

have you pulled the power and turned off the trainer, wait a few minutes, plug it back in to see if it will reset/reboot?

I unplugged it, and plugged it right back in. I didn’t wait a few minutes though. I’ll try that now.

Left tax trainer off for 5 minutes, and tried to calibrate on tax app. Didn’t get above 8 miles an hour. Try to use with again. Didn’t get above 40 Watts.

… try to use was zwift again.

does this unit have LED lights on the back, if so what color are they? I think they should be green if all is well.

Yes it does, and the light is blinking green.

That is good, blinking green is normal. I’m not sure what else to try, other than a different device. Do you have access to a laptop or ipad to try? Maybe the update did something to the bluetooth settings on the phone you use, sometimes you need to grant Zwift access to “location” on android phones for it to work with bluetooth properly. Perhaps that was reset or turned off?

Location wasn’t on, but I turned it on and no change.

well I’m fresh out of ideas… If you get the same result on a different device, you may need to contact Garmin support and see if they have any troubleshooting tips.

Thanks for trying.

It’s so important in software. It must match with all devices that the devs pointed out. Bugs are normal, but they need to do everything to prevent their occurrence. That’s why software testing exists.

Turns out the software update was coincidental. The wheel lock mechanism was stuck a little. It closed to allow tension, but not enough to place wheel in proper place. Hit it with some WD-40, and now it closes right and everything works.


Thanks everyone!!

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