Zwift doesnt save my setting

Hi! Anyone knows how to fix save settings in Zwift, each time open Zwift, I must to turn off the music and enable the full screen.

Best regards!

Hi @Jorge_Antriao_M welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here, hello! A few things might prevent your settings from being saved.

  1. When ending your session - either Save and Exit or Trash and Exit your session. Sounds obvious, but if you don’t - the server doesn’t recognize that you terminated the game properly on your computer, and may keep your session open.

  2. I see you are on PC, but I’m speaking here to anyone reading along who Zwifts on iOS / Android / Apple TV: Always force-close Zwift when you’re done. Force-closing is not the same as swiping the app into the background.

  3. If these things do not help - you may have a corrupted installation. A complete uninstall will do a more thorough removal of Zwift-related files, then re-install. Instructions are here. Be sure to pay attention to the part about saving custom workouts.

Would you try those things and report back?

Hi Shuji,

I will try with the third point.