Zwift crashing when creating workouts

When i am creating workout I drag in a certain power zone, if I try to drag in more than 4 without editing time, power, cadence, etc Zwift crashes…EVERYTIME. I have to add, edit, save workout, re-open, repeat, re-open, repeat, etc until I finish it. A typical 1 hr workout requires 1 hr at this rate to create…WHY???

What device are you running Zwift on and did this start after the latest update?

Using a Dell laptop with Windows 10 and latest version of Zwift.

I tried testing this on my micro tower with Win 10 and I was able to drag seemingly any number of blocks in without editing them. Is there a specific type of workout block or set of blocks that you’re encountering this with? It also sounds like this may be affecting the workout editor on a whole for you. Can you confirm if it’s affecting new custom workouts and editing existing custom workouts?