Sudden crashes in workout editor

Hello everybody,

On 3 systems, I experience the system crashing and quitting Zwift while I am busy with editing an workout.

I experience this on my Windows 11 laptop, on my McBook Pro from 2013 and my iPad mini 14.

It’s suddenly, while busy in it (doesn’t matter what, editing text or adding an workout block or deleting one). Very frustrating if you haven’t saved a new workout and it’s lost so you can start all over again…

As I see it’s on 3 systems and while my McBook can’t be updated to the latest MacOS version due to his oldness the other 2 systems are still up to date.

So it must be a bug within Zwift, any workarounds here or do other’s have the same problem?

Thanks for support!


Confirmed, workout editor can crash Zwift, here on a Windows10 machine - in my experience mostly when manipulating text and special characters (e.g. german “Umlaute”). Solution? Save the work every few minutes… :wink:

My solution is not to use Zwift workout editor.
Web based option

Another option - download, copy, edit - you can use each editor in Windows. It is not difficult - look at some zwo file.

Ack - the silver bullet is editing the files directly. However, this is not working e.g. on iPads…