Zwift app crash editing custom workout, is repeatable

I’ve got zwift app v 1.28.0 on an HP laptop and Lenovo desktop each with Win10.
When editing a custom workout, the app crashes. This fail is quite repeatable.
How do I upload the crash log from Windows Event Viewer?


PS: after looking through all the different cases with crashes, I consider myself fortunate. I’m never had an in-game crash.

Hey @Paul_Wojciak, welcome to the forums.

You’ll need to contact Zwift support to be able to pass on your log from Event Viewer on to the guru’s at HQ.

I can’t help at all with assisting with diagnosing the crashes, but I’d suggest you use a community provided workout creator like below … throw them into your /Documents/Zwift/workouts folder and you should be good to use them and avoid crashing in the meantime.

Thanks for the info, Dean. By following up with support, you’re referring to the chatbot I presume.
I’ll explore the Zwift workout editor. I was inclined to try and correct the time into the workout that text messages appear, and that’s what led to this. I’ve been satisfied with the whatsonzwift site up to now.

Yes, last time I used it you can get past the bot and either get a real person, or the chance to email the problem to them.

One way to learn any online workout editor is grab one rom that whatsonzwift that is downloadable and edit with a txt editor - it gets fairly obvious with syntax etc.

Hi @Paul_Wojciak, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry that you’re having issues with Zwift crashing on your laptops. @Dean gave some awesome advice.

I see you haven’t contacted us yet @Paul_Wojciak, so I sent you an email with instructions how to collect the files we’d like to see. You can directly reply to the email I sent you.

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Thanks for following up. Since this is going to take a few minutes, I should have time tomorrow or the next to collect and transmit the data you requested. Regards, Paul

Sounds good @Paul_Wojciak.

Something to keep in mind is to make sure the crash log is collected within 7 days from the date of your crash. Because after 7 days, Windows may remove that recorded crash data from your computer.

If you have any questions about the steps I sent, just reply to the email and one of my colleagues will reply as soon as possible.