Zwift Crashing Post - Quite Literally

Zwift has been crashing when I use it in Windowed mode (it has been fine when running full screen so I HAVE to use fullscreen when doing anything more serious - but like the flexibility of Windowed mode on steady rides to have youtube running). I’ve sent crash logs to Zwift and received a boiler plate response of try these things… Have done what I can and I run a decent gaming PC.

Sometimes it’ll crash within seconds/minutes, BUT THE CRASH HAS BEEN REPEATABLE AT THE CRASH AT THE SAME POINT ON THE MAP/ROUTE. Surely this indicates it’s a game bug?

So despite multiple attempts, I am actually unable to complete the Wandering Flats route. It literally fails at the same exact place / lamppost and I’ve been able to recreate it and photograph the spot 3 times in a row. Photos attached of the offending position - twice today, once a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps earlier than that too on one of the occasions where I paid no attention to where it was.

Thanks in advance.

What are its full specs?

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Hi Dave, Ryzen 5 2600x, 16Gb RAM, Vega 56, B450 Mobo. Running 4K ultra. 4 k monitor running as primary screen and here zwift images are on an adjacent 1080 tv screen. Ant+ everything.
These are the zwiftalizer results for the 2 consecutive instances today.

Right, so first and foremost those are really quite poor results unfortunately, in terms of frame rates. That said, it’s an AMD GPU which struggle with OpenGL games in Windows, so perhaps not unsurprising. Added to that, the performance on Makuri Islands is pants, so it could be due to that anyway. Don’t get me started…

That aside, there’s another recent discussion where people with AMD cards are getting crashes in the same spots all the time in Watopia. So there’s a reasonable chance it’s just this same problem. Here’s the thread: [October 2021] Zwift crashes with new AMD display drivers

Another potential cause is if you have any overclocks on either your CPU or GPU. Zwift is really good at causing crashes on an overclocked system, even if you’re stable in every stress testing program and other games etc. So if you have any, back them off or remove them altogther and see if that makes any difference.

Yeah that’s including passages through Neokyo, AMD (Just use the pc I had already) windowed mode and chrome streaming YouTube - member of ZPCMR so upto speed on the Makuri etc woes. It’ll do higher GPS in more typical usage. Just dual use the pc I had already.

No over clocking but thanks for the link, I’ll have a look at that other thread. I’ve had it occur in Watopia too (tunnels on the Alpe I’ve wondered more than once) in windowed mode but again it has always run without crashing in full screen.

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