Zwift crashing post last update

Anyone elses game mode crashing and dropping out with far more regularity since the last Zwift update?

Mine is shocking. Almost everytime I use it now. I’ve been in touch with Zwift help but they seem to intimate it’s all at my end, tablet unsuitable, WiFi strength etc.
However, I never really had any of these issues until the latest Zwift update.

Can you describe your equipment? What did they say was unsuitable about the tablet? Crashing would not be a WiFi issue. Disappearing riders is a more common indication of WiFi problems. Drop outs (as in trainer/HRM disconnections) are more likely Bluetooth or ANT+ problems than WiFi, unless you are pairing via the Companion app.

I’m using a Samsung Tab A7 for Zwift and my Oppo Lite phone with Companion.
I’m using WiFi so I don’t think I’m using Companion as a bridge.
I also use screen cast from Tab to TV.

It was said my Tab doesn’t have a big enough RAM to run Zwift, especially if I’m running other Apps! Which I’m not and never have!
The key thing for me is until the latest download I had absolutely no issues at all with my game dropping out.
In the past, I’ve had the game drop WiFi signal with losing the other gamers/riders once or twice, but over 18 month that’s nothing to write home about.

I’m also not quite sure what is meant when people say pairing via the companion app?

Because when it drops out Zwift and the companion app both drop.

That’s where you pair your trainer etc via Companion itself, not via the pairing screen in the Zwift game app.

I have a Tab A7 although i don’t Zwift on it very often and not in the last 6 months.

Is there a pattern to when it drops?
Is the app just terminating?

How much RAM is in the tablet? The minimum spec is 1GB so I’m guessing it has more than that. You can refer the Zwift support team to their documentation on this subject:

You might try running Zwift without screencasting to see if that makes a difference.

There have been signs that memory requirements went up in the last release for Windows users. I haven’t heard about problems with Android, but it wouldn’t be a big surprise. You might want to check on the RAM utilization of everything running on the tablet. This guide is for Android 10:

You could also scan your local WiFi networks to see if your router is using the best channel available and that your signal is strong. If new WiFi networks appear, or if your neighbors change their WiFi channel, that can affect you. If you are using 2.4GHz WiFi, you could also try switching to 5GHz if that’s an option.

There are multiple versions of the Tab A7 that date back to 2016. Which specific model do you have?

So, in answer to questions, I have storage plus on my A7, which is 4GB, far more than necessary.
My A7 is the last version before the new A8.

I have just come off it now and as usual, it crashed. Not a WiFi drop, it just dropped out of game. It also never restarts where I finished. I’m not sure if this is normal.
When it dropped, I noticed the Companion dropped first (on phone), then the A7!

When I restarted I deliberately did not link Companion until I had a stable game.
Even though I rode for an hour my game activity shows I went nowhere?

There’s setting fishy going on.

But, I can’t stress enough, I have changed nothing and it used to work fine until the last update? :thinking: