Zwift crashing on IPad [SOLVED]

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Hey, thans for the advice! I will clean my Ipad and see what it does with Zwift!

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Me and my wife had the same issues on iPads and iPhones.

It worked for us when we changed the language from English to another, logged in, restarted the app and switched back to English.

Weird one, but solved the issue for us.

This trick worked for me as well. Thans!

thank you very much!

Hi @shooj ,

As a new Zwift user I have tried to install the app on my iPad (Air, 4th gen) and iPhone (13 pro). On both devices the app crashes after entering my user ID and password. I found your advice on the same issues in this topic. After deleting the app and rebooting my iPhone, I have been able to launch the app on my phone. However, on my iPad the app keeps crashing, even though it has the latest software and I’ve tried the exact same thing. Do you have any advice on this?

Many thanks!


Update: missed the advice of @Johan_Tufvander, changed the language, problem solved…

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