Zwift Crashing on Club Ride

Using PC Laptop Intel I5 2.1 GHZ Windows 10 4GB RAM. Using Task Manager, Zwift was using less than 10% of CPU, and 1 Gig of Ram. (it’s up to the job)
So todays issue;
Used Zwift earlier this week, no issues, loaded Zwift today, had to update (sigh).
Zwift finally loaded (it always takes a long time on the laptop), and I joined the Club ride I had set up…only for it to crash to the desktop, mere seconds in to the ride.
I reloaded Zwift, and joined the club ride again…and it crashed to the desktop again after 2-3 seconds in.
Okay - I will reboot the computer, oh windows update - how convenient…okay, maybe that’s the problem…so did the windows update, reloaded Zwift, joined the club ride and it crashed to the desktop again…after 2 seconds.
Okay, lets load a normal route ride to see what happens, Reloaded Zwift and selected a route (Road to Sky) and Zwift was behaving, no crashes…
I know Clubs are relatively new…why is it crashing?
I plan to create another club ride to check if I have the same crashing issues…(have not tested yet)
Anyone else experiencing crashes?

On the basis of the rest of your post, it’s almost certainly not. But you’ll need to post your full specs, because crashing isn’t normal.

So, when I used Zwift earlier this week, no crashes, doing a normal route ride…no crashes. Why do you think it is crashing because its a Club Ride?

Could be the world it was in, or due to a number of other factors.

As Dave said, you need to post up detailed specs of your PC to progress this any further here.

Hi @Rion_Findlay_Atom_An

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Others here mentioned we’d need more info about your computer (e.g. the full PC specs), but based on the info you’ve shared thus far, it does seem that your computer isn’t meeting Zwift’s minimum requirements.

I think you said your Laptop is Windows 10 with 4 GB RAM, correct? If so, the minimum requirements for Zwift is 8 GB RAM as evidenced in this article.

If you’re running Zwift on other computers that have at least 8 GB RAM and are otherwise up to spec for Zwift, but still crashing, then I’d suggest you start with this article.

If issues persist, contact our tech support team and include your standard Zwift log files, Windows Event Viewer (EVTX) crash logs (preferably the 7-day crash report), and your full computer specs. With that information, we’re happy to investigate the crashes for you.

When you send us an official support request, please be sure to specify any other pertinent details regarding the circumstances of the app crash. For example, are crashes only happening on specific types of events or activities? Can the crashes be reproduced under similar circumstances at any time or are they a random occurrence?

You can contact us here.

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This is definitely a bug. I’m using the same PC I’ve used for a couple of years without issues. This morning two of us wanted to join a club ride; both on PC, tried multiple times and neither of us could join for more than a few seconds before it crashed out to desktop.

We ended up just doing a vanilla ride - no issues.

I am surprised there isn’t more noise about this TBH.

Hi @Poco_Orso

Was this a late join of a club event or were you and your fellow Zwifter both joining before the start time?

Sorry to bump an old thread. However I’m having similar issue as of last week. Prior to that, I was free from crashes for a month or so (new to zwift)

I can ride around solo no issues. But any ride or race zwift will instantly crash when joining or queueing in the start area. Did you manage to figure out what was wrong?

Hello there

I gave up on finding a solution……but I know it’s not my laptop. As it turns out - my laptop had 8GB of RAM……I have been using the same laptop since 2018 with no crashes etc.
I did a virtual ADZ which ran for 18hrs all up (with no drop out or crashing….could you imagine how I would feel if it did!!)

And then, I experienced the club ride crashes.
Call me a cynic or a “Karen”, but there seems to be a lot of bugs, crashes or faults that many users of Zwift has experienced along the way.

To be fair, it’s hard for Zwift to fault find or program for every different PC/Laptop, IPad, Mobile or tablet out there…….the blame was aimed at my laptop it seemed (my mistake saying 4GB rather than 8GB)……how would they answer now I wonder.

I have not been on Zwift for quite sometime……I’d be positive that my laptop is due for a Zwift System Update(s)

I hope you find a solution.
Kind regards

“I want to talk to the manager”

Karen (The cynic)

Thank you. I have missed the emails, with replies to my original post.
And forgot about it……

I have not further tried to test or replicate the problem.

But, if it does happen again….I will get back to you with more information etc.

Kind regards


Hi @Smith_Adrian

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Can you give us a bit more detail about your setup. Drop some of your log files in this can help us to find the problem.

I suspect that the system get overwhelmed with the amount of riders in the pen.

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I’ve had a few emails off zwift in regards to uploading logs etc. My PC specs are pretty decent with 5700xt GPU, M2 SSD, 16gb, R5 3600 cpu. So I imagine only driver issues could be the problem.
The crashes occur if I’m there alone or seconds before the start

They pointed the issue to a possible .net framework issue. I upgraded to windows 11, new motherboard bios, chipset drivers, gpu drivers /w Kickr snap. Anything I could think of. Still crashed
The last email said they are aware of bugs causing issues like this on Watopia and are working on a fix. Which I guess was a generic catchall email

I’m currently on a run of a couple of rides now and entering/leaving many “pens” after unplugging and replugging in my ANT+ usb into the extension. I’m assuming coincidence. But hey… its working lol

See here: Instant freeze/crash on Tempus Fugit (PC) - #6 by Alex_Beebe

AMD issues probably need splitting into their own thread. Lots of reports of crashing recently.

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