Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

My account is still active for a few weeks because I had just paid for the month. I’d love to hear of a fix before then. I’m no going to keep trying and letting it spoil rides, but if I read something here…
How do I revert the launcher to 1.0.50?

Used launcher version 1.0.50 and was able to ride with the pace partner without crashing. Only did 15 minutes. I’ll give a longer try sometime this week.

Nope. Had it in freeride tonight, crashed at 49 minutes. Luckily I had my intervals going on my garmin instead of using workout mode, so it didn’t ruin my ride this time.

Ah well, worth a try. Thanks for the update and sorry it didn’t work!

All, I hope you have all raised tickets with Zwift and pointed them at this thread. Might get more priority.


I have raised this issue to zwift and all they did was sent me 2 links on how to reinstall zwift and how to open ports on my router. I’m done.

I have a new HP laptop with Intel (10th Gen) processor and UHD graphics. I have similarly been pulling my hair out, as have so many of you. A crash on the start line of a TTT last night was another insult. I have located a useful piece of software: the Intel Driver and Support assistant (search online), which found the graphics drivers were out of date (not detected by standard Windows updates). No crash so far this morning, but will keep you posted on whether this is a fix for what seems to be an incompatibility with Intel integrated graphics

That’s incorrect, I had Zwift crashing on my training rides with basically no one around.

A short update on me: I was investigating this issue with Zwift support, who noticed frequent Intel graphics driver crashes and suggested to install temperature monitoring tool to check if it is caused by GPU getting too hot.

But then cooling fan in my laptop stopped working, which rendered it useless. At the moment I’m waiting until the laptop gets back from the warranty claim.

Yeah that comment was over a week ago and prior to the bugfix release which clearly didn’t address both issues as I speculated it may. There have been subsequent comments made suggesting a fix for Intel crashing issues is on the way.

Yeah - reporting back. This is disastrous. Zwift crashed on me 7 times on two separate 3hr rides.

It’s getting worse for me, despite all of the darts I’m throwing at this. Really hope Apple TV helps.

I see another zwift update a few days ago, any luck form anyone having problems? I’ll try on my next recovery day.
I’ve had a good week on Sufferfest with no issues, but the easy rides are shorter than I like. Doing long slow rides is better on zwift, if it would only work.

The release notes or the most recent Zwift update (21st Jan) didn’t mention anything about fixing the crash that is being described here. That said, I’ve not had any problems since I did an update on the Intel UHD drivers via the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (Search online for it as forum doesn’t allow links)

Have same issue win10 intel i7 10gen

Tried the intel driver thing. It did indeed find an updated driver that Windows Update did not. Installed that, and the latest zwift update. Tried a meetup ride with a small group today, froze after 17 minutes.

I’ve tried using zwift 13 times this month, every single ride has froze up. Prior to that, I used it for a few months with zero issues. At this point, it’s 100% of rides ruined, and more computer trouble shooting than I want to do for a bike ride. It will start affecting fitness if I keep messing with a computer instead of riding the bike.


What GPU running? That all up to date?

My laptop is back from the repair shop, I did 45 min test ride today and it didn’t crash. I’ll be doing more test rides this week, fingers crossed.

Oh, I also updated BIOS on my laptop to the latest version just in case (I don’t think it really matters, but you can never be sure).

Thought updating all the drivers, etc had fixed it. No problems this last week until tonight - 25 mins into a race and another crash. Think I’m going to need to resort to getting a cheap second hand computer just for zwifting. Utterly infuriating after training hard for a league race, only to be stopped midway round.

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Just got an update from Zwift support, who confirmed that it is an Intel-specific issue on Zwift side. The timeline, unfortunately, isn’t very reassuring. If you experience this issue, I encourage to raise a support ticket and at least get a refund from them.

I did speak to the dev team in regards to similarly configured laptops all experiencing the same types of crashes, and they’re aware of this being an issue for some member’s running newer Intel graphics and are working on a fix. I’m afraid to say though that there isn’t a known work-around for this issue as of yet, and due to the nature of software development its hard to say when this will be totally resolved. No worries, if you do end up experiencing crashes again a fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

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Hi everyone.

My PC has had the same crash on occasions as mentioned in this thread.
Just done it tonight after 28 minutes on a workout - most annoying.

Slightly different to some as I don’t use Intel GPU.
My PC is an intel i5 9400 with 16GB ram and a RX590 graphics card.

Runs Zwift on Ultra and tbh hasn’t crashed for a while. Zwift updated tonight and it crashed.
Same descriptions in the error log as others have reported.

Had enough of if for tonight but will do some digging later on.
Just wanted to let people know it isn’t just Intel GPUs.

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