Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

Alan you can use fitfiletools to fix corrupted fitfiles. Download from Zwif (using the gear icon when viewing your activity and uplaoad to fitfiletools. You can the manually import into Strava.

Hi Erwin, sometimes fitfiletools works, but still lose part of the file. But the main issue is that Zwift cuts out. I made it up Alpe du Zwift, through the line, circled round and it crashed. But the file didn’t show me having reached the summit.

Another time I was 5k from the end of TDZ, it crashed, so I had to do it again.

Had this issue while riding today. Decided to use my new windows machine and kept on crashing about 20-30 minutes into my ride. I dont have the ability/desire to mess with the laptop as it is provided by work. Are there other work-arounds to uninstalling/installing zwift or graphics software (ie dumb graphics down)? It seems odd that my 9 year old Macbook Pro will run run zwift without issues but my new laptop (which is spec’ed for use with architecture/graphics software) has issues. Any suggestions? Thank you.

There’s apparently a fix for some graphical issues coming soon. It impacts lower end devices more readily. Hopefully this resolves matters for a lot of people.

Source: comments from Zwift employees on Facebook groups. Which is a problem in itself.

As ever, important information is left to Eric to compile. But good news.

I might be wrong, but to me this fix doesn’t sound like one for crashing issues on random events, which seems to be something that’s been introduced recently (Zwift being more demanding of graphics).

It seems to be a fix for the large event (e.g. Tour de Zwift) problems, which aren’t what this thread is about.

Still good news though!

There were a couple of other comments made elsewhere I’ve seen that suggest it’s only become apparent due to the big numbers. So one and the same thing I believe.

I’ve been dealing with this issue of crashing mid ride randomly since October of 2020. Not due to large events so don’t think these are the same issues.

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MacBook Pro 2018. Lost all connection and app froze mid ride. Now can’t even get Past pairing screen since an hour back. Keeps freezing and have to Force Quit.
Never had issues like this before…

Hi @Dave_ZPCMR,
do you believe it will be a solution for users with Intel GPUs? There seem to be many with problems and I think (after reading @ Zwiftinsider) Eric is not addressing the GPU issues.

I hope it will be a solution for me (no graphics issues, GTX 1650, problems in events >1000 riders). :grinning:

I may be wrong, but I think it could all be related. There’s been loads of new complaints for the last couple of months; Windows 7 problems, Intel iGPU stuff, even unusual instability on higher end systems. However it’s mainly been confined to this forum and a few other places. It’s probably more prevalent with the really busy TdZ events, and has exposed whatever isn’t quite right to a much wider audience who are now making themselves heard across all social media platforms. Let’s hope whatever fix comes out has something for everyone. :+1:

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So I too have the same issue. New to Zwift in the past month. Got a new windows 10 laptop at Christmas which is where my issues began. My 4 year old slow laptop works fine, but takes ages to start Zwift and connect. I too have the Intel UHD integrated card. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and zwift tooo. I’ve also ensured zwift is open on my firewalls. I have great bandwidth, no network dropouts, bluetooth is fine, though I have reinstalled those drivers too just in case. The logs you guys are posting are identical to mine indicating it’s software related compatibility with the Graphics drivers. Looking at the update Zwift are doing, it looks to me like they will do two, first one for large events, mainly for Apple, then another later on which may/may not fix this. That seem right to you all?

Good news, Zwift have accepted that there is an issue with Intel GPUs:

"At this juncture, Erwin, we’re aware of the issues. Our team is currently working on a fix for Zwift app freezes and/or crashes related specifically to various Intel brand integrated GPUs like yours.

While there isn’t an official work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date and keep your graphics driver current. I don’t have a time frame to a fix because it’s something our team is still investigating and working on, but hopefully we’ll have a solution soon."

Let’s hope they find a solution to this problem soon.


Was that before or after this latest update that mentions big events? Just wondering if they’re two separate pieces of work.

Got the note last evening. I’m not aware of any Zwift updates since then. In any case, I think this will be one of many backlog items they are working on, so wouldn’t expect a resolution in less tha a few weeks.

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If the update they did last night doesn’t fix the issue I will need to cancel my account and switch to another platform. The crashing has already ruined every attempt to ride for over a week, I can’t keep bailing on rides. Has anyone had the freezing issue still today?

Pace partner ride crashed after 7 minutes today, so I’m done with Zwift. I already lost a week of riding because it can’t get through a single ride, I’m not giving up any more. Maybe next year!

Out of interest which launcher version are (were) you on? It can be seen by right-clicking on the Zwift icon in the system tray.

launcher 1.0.51
game 1.0.60640

I hope they will get the game more stable for next year, I had a good winter routine going before this started. Thats been disrupted for a week now so I’ve canceled the account, but I’ll give it a shot again next Winter.

Go back to launcher 1.0.50 and see if it’s any better. It’s a two minute job, doesn’t require the whole game to be reinstalled.

Edit: too late.