Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

I bought a new, faster Dell laptop in December following the specifications guidance provided on Zwift’s setup webpage. I continue to have crashes during rides 30 to 45 minutes into the ride. I haven’t tried to downgrade the graphics driver yet. However, I have pulled out the old laptop and had no issues in my last 4 rides.

Still crash free 10 days/many k’s down the road

I’ve switched to using my older laptop (4th generation processor) and haven’t had a crash either.

Still good - crash free after nearly 4 weeks and many hrs. Looks like the gfx driver downgrade has done the trick!

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My issues are all back - even worde than before.
My Zwift almost crashes now every ride. On Markuri Island it always freezes after around 10 minutes. Sometimes the game also does not freeze but just closes. I’m done with this ■■■■!

I have been having very repeatable crashes:

  1. Start riding Watopia - Road to Ruins
  2. Ride 2.9km
  3. Game crashes to desktop.

I have done this 4 times now, and it always crashes in the same place. Have reset PC in between. No difference.

(Probably unrelated, but I also have the dismembered bike shadows too).

Been a nightmare for me too since recent updates. Trying to wind back to v old drivers but struggling to find the old ones listed in this forum.
If no joy then will have to look for a new platform and kick Zwift into touch.

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Search for igfx_win10_100.7985.exe on the downloadcenter intel com web site (this forum doesn’t allow direct links)

Thanks Martin!

I wasn’t able to find or download an older driver it wouldn’t let me but I have a new laptop from a new job I started recently and I’m currently running that windowed while I work, just doing the “Just Watch” and so far it is up to 10 minutes running, so maybe if I need to I can use that laptop even though I don’t want to but it is installed and working.

…and now about 3 months and many hrs of zwifting down the track - crash free still!!!


Can’t use it, Surface Pro refuses to let me install the driver and says it is not intended for my device.

still getting issues?

Hi, I’ve trawled through this thread and tried all the ideas but I’m still having crash’s.

My spec;
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Intel i3-4130 @ 3.40ghz
8GB Ram
50mbps Ethernet Wired Fibre Broadband
Garmin ANT+ Dongle with 2m USB shielded extension cable (placed under bottom bracket)
Saris H3 Trainer (Ant+)
iPhone companion app (12 Pro / iOS14.7.1)
Taope Heart Rate Monitor (Ant+)
32” Celcus TV @ 1080p via HDMI (60hz)

Random crash’s, anything from 30secs to 10mins into an activity, on any world.
The Zwift logs don’t show anything of any note that I can tell and Zwiftalizer also shows no errors.
Event viewer shows the errors in the GPU driver. I’ve attached images of the these.
I’ve tried latest GPU drivers and drivers from Jan 2020 and March 2020. All report the same errors and all crash.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift.
All component temperatures are good.
Not sure what else to try, any ideas please?

Nothing wrong with that build, in fact it’s spot on for running the game in 1440p resolution. The application error shows that the Nvidia driver is crashing, which is forcing Zwift to close. Do you have any overclocks on the GPU or VRAM? If so, back those off. If this is a dedicated Zwift PC, try a clean install of Windows, it doesn’t take long on an SSD. If it’s still crashing after that - with everything stock - then it’s looking likely that your graphics card is faulty I’m afraid.

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Hi Dave, I don’t have any overclocks running on the system. It is a dedicated Zwift PC, so I’ll do a windows reinstall tomorrow, thanks for the tip.



Nvidia is sometimes stubborn with updates. I have found it is easy to uninstall all nvidia drivers then go to Nvidia and re download the latest.

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Looking positive after a reinstall of windows.
Ran ‘just watch’ without a crash for an hour. Kept it going while I went out for an hour, still no crash when I returned but Zwift had lost focus and was running in the background. Focus assist was on and one drive had been updated, so I’m guessing that was the cause. Disabled one drive now. Hoping to test it with an activity shortly.
Thanks for the advice.

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Always uninstall OneDrive immediately. :rofl: I’ve never needed to bother with Focus Assist personally, but it’s worth a try if needed.

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