Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

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Resolution then. :wink:

Misery loves company. After enjoying Rouvy, CRASH FREE, for a few months, I decided to try Zwift in December. It was great for a few months. Then the random freezing started. I’m using a Windows 10 Surface with an Intel Iris graphics card. OK, that’s not true. I feel no better knowing I’m not alone.

Who do the victims of random crash events contact for a refund?


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OK, let me join this with a “me too” on a Surface Pro 7 tablet (Intel(R) Core™ i7-1065G7/16.0 GB/Intel Iris Plus). ZWIFT crashing mid-ride with the “Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.” 4101 error message in the Windows log. System was completely up to date and I could not finish a single ride (anymore).

Then I started playing around with the Intel driver version, first trying the most recent one from the Intel website (, which made things even worse. With the current Windows Update driver version ZWIFT would freeze after maybe an hour (i.e. a few km shy of the goal line of TDZ/TOW, really frustrating), the most recent version froze only minutes into the game.

After some researching I read somewhere [1] that the “last known good” driver is maybe So I downloaded and installed this driver (which is no longer on the Intel site, but you can get it as part of a Windows update msi bundle file from Microsoft [2].

The first test seems very encouraging, I had ZWIFT run all night in “watching other riders” mode (which was enough to freeze it before) without a crash. I hope this downgrade helps until a fix from Intel or ZWIFT is released.


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Same problem here… I’ve been having problems for the last 8 months, but they were eventually. As I read in this chat, the best way to “solve” the livekernelevent 141, is to keep the UHD graphics controller updated. I upgrade it to version and now my problem is bigger because Zwift freezes in every single ride since then… I Don’t know when zwift is going to take it seriously, but this is really annoying…
If it helps for anyone, I installed the app on my android (Samsung S8) and a mirror software on my pc (connected to a TV) and my phone, this way I can follow my ride on a bigger screen and it doesn’t freeze yet… let’s see. Anyway it’s sad that I have to look for my own workarounds when I’m paying for a supposed complete service on zwift.