Zwift crashes on Lenovo Windows 10

any advice for a previously smooth running system - 30 mins into a race on the CCR Volcano circuit last night running on a Lenovo laptop runing Windows 10 and the game froze and crashed… !

Too little info to even suggest a solution.

It could have been a Windows Update that made it freeze, a driver issue, a task running in the background using all the resources, or a number of other causes.

Is the Zwift App fully up to date?
Is Windows 10 fully updated?
Did you just install a new graphics driver?

If this is the first time it happened it could have been a fluke and could work flawlessly the next time you try it.

Yep first time its happened. Hopefully a one-off. Windows is up to date and nowt running in background to my knowledge. Hard drive is a bit full on space so maybe that had something to do with it.

I also run Zwift on a Lenovo Win10 laptop and find that while it doesn’t ‘crash’ per se, Zwift will spontaneously be minimized (for no apparent reason). i.e. I’ll be in the middle of a workout interval when - suddenly - I’m staring at my desktop.

It’s annoying, because my laptop is on a desk that’s just out of reach. I have to stop pedaling, clip out, hit the zwift icon on the taskbar as quickly as I can and clip back in - hopefully all before ERG is deactivated.

I’ve never been able to figure out WHY it happens. It’s usually 1X per workout (max). Windows is up-to-date and nothing else is running while I’m using Zwift.

I tend to chalk it up to Win10 just generally sucking, but it’d be nice to stop it from happening if I could.

This happens to me all the time too, windows 10 Dell laptop. It is usually some notification that sucks me out of Zwift and back to the desktop. I custom built my own laptop stand for my bike (nothing fancy, just 2x4’s and plywood) so the keyboard is easily within reach and I can click back on the Zwift icon without much trouble.

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This happen when there is some process in the background that take priority of the screen. the first option is to try and find what is running in the background. If you can’t then I have a solution for you.

Run Zwift in windowed mode, then install Borderless gaming (find it on google) , that will make it look like full screen and it won’t minimize Zwift if background processes take the screen.

I also use a wireless keyboard with trackball mounted to my handle bars .
something like this.


I got the same issue, zwift crashing very often on a windows 10 computer, connected through ethernet, very frustrating !

what do you mean with crashing, does Zwift close and you have to restart Zwift or does it minimize and you have to click on the icon to bring it to the front?

Image freeze, then the application close. I lost any progress and I have to restart it.
I’m not connected through wifi, and I don’t have any issue with any online game or application/program.

Try to see if your Graphics Card can keep up, look at the FPS P5 if that is single digits then you might have a problem with the gPU not keeping up.

Tale one of the log files with a crash

and see if the FPS goes to almost Zero before the crash.
Yorur average FPS should be at least 15-20 (higher is better)

What online games do you play?