Zwift crashes mid-ride since latest update

I’m running Zwift version 1.0.60474, my graphics settings are Ultra, Nividia drivers are current, about 1/2 of my rides crash to desktop after freezing, I’ve experimented and it happens in the same location though different routes, I once contacted Zwift support by using the trouble shooting app in support, ( though their page “contact-us” hasn’t worked on any of three machines using multiple browsers, on my home or work LAN but that’s another issue), but though the first level tech support person escalated my issue I have yet to hear back. Zwift never crashed until this update and it seems to be around areas that have been recently added or changed (France, the approach to the cliff ride in Watopia). I have saved event logs, fit files, dump files etc. When it crashes the Zwift website will have the time, elevation and calories but the map doesn’t show my route, and indicated Watopia when I crashed in France.