Zwift crashed half an hour into ride

Using the beta app my ride crashed saying that zwift had stopped half an hour into my ride. Ride seems to be lost as it says I have 10km left just like at the start of the ride. After the 25km is finished for the beta testing, is that it? Wait for the full version or is there a subscription option to continue?

Thanks for the heads up Graeme! Which phone are you using to play?
And you have 25km free each month, but to receive an unlimited amount you can sign up for our subscription :slight_smile:

I was using an LG G5 phone. Ah, I didn’t realise you could sign up for a subscription on android. I thought it was just a testing phase

Yep! You can create a Zwift account that you can sign in on all platforms. From Android to iOS.

I am using a Lenovo Pro Tab 3 and I experience Zwift crashes about every other ride. I have found that it will crash on a climb when I am in a group of riders. It just simply freezes and no matter how long I wait it never rights itself. I can’t interact with any controls on my device either. I end up having to perform a hard shutdown on my tablet. When this happens it loses all progress of the ride. For me the timing is fairly consistent at ~ 15 minutes. If i can get past 20 minutes with no crashes then I generally do not experience a problem.