Zwift crash during ride

Update on the situation with Zwift. After 2 days and 6h riding on Zwift, no more crashes, so this is what I did.

I’m claiming the points for this fix. :laughing:

Glad it’s sorted.

It didn’t work before DDU, even with an older driver (good to know).

Just been reading through this topic as I to have been experiencing regular crashes. Not every ride but far too often. Have there been any updates to this.

Best tips to resolve?

Currently completing a two hour zone 2 session with no visuals :triumph:

Running on what?

Disabling video screenshots is one of the first steps to take, but whether that’s a factor depends on which CPU you have.

Running on my windows laptop. Actually it had occurred to me it might be the photos, I’ll try disabling the automatic screenshots - thanks

Video screenshots is a separate setting from photo uploading. Details of which CPUs are supported are in this post. If you don’t have one on the list then it’s probably something else.

I can’t see the list of which CPU’s are supported?

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