Zwift crash 12 times

I did a 50 mile bike ride and zwift crash 12 times on me. Using a ipad.

£12.99 a month for this. Not happy

Is that 12 times in one session?

If so I suspect the issue is not with Zwift but with your Ipad. Has it previously worked without issue?

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Can’t see how, it’s been working find. They update it and now I have problems

Well that’s more info to work on but still need more detail about your setup to be able to offer a better diagnosis.

I use a tacx Nero. Zwift is running on a iPad 6 gen and connect is a Samsung s7 for companion. Not much else I can say to be honest. Unless you need anymore info. I am going to delete the app and try again

I would certainly give that a go as your first attempt to resolve it.
Everything else should be fine.