Zwift Companion Release, November 30th (3.20 iOS, Android)

Hey Zwifters, there is a new Zwift Companion update being released today which should make its way to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the next few hours.

Here’s what’s new in Zwift Companion version 3.20.

  • Added a dedicated view for FutureWorks Boost Mode events, giving you better control over your boost and charging.
  • Changed the sorting of Club Chat to show the newest messages at the top of the preview.
  • Made a change to prevent underage Zwifters from viewing or participating in Club Chat.
  • Fixed a crash in the notifications area.
  • (iOS Only) Fixed an issue with the date picker for Meetups.
  • (Android Only) Fixed a bug that would cause the progression bar to appear when the user has completed Zwift Academy.
  • (Android Only) Numerous BLE bridge improvements.

[UPDATE: 12/2]

We’ve released version 3.20.1 for Android only that fixed two bugs that were recently reported with this release.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause some runners to see a blank white screen instead of the map.
  • Fixed a crash while running.

If you run into any issues with this latest update, please let us know in the thread below.

Ride On :ride_on:


Since this update I seem to be zwifting 24/7 when iam not even on zwift

Nothing for event management?

App crashing when opening game on android device. Cleared cache, Uninstalled, reinstalled but still crashes when it tries to move to game mode.

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Where i ride, i don’t have WiFi access. I use Ethernet connexion. So i’m not able to use Compagnon on smartphone.
It will be great to have functionality when smartphone is connected to the laptop with USB cable.

Perhaps a WiFi hotspot would be an option (that plugs directly into an outlet and Ethernet) or cellular data?

Ian stil zwifting on companion app nearly 3whole days since this last update wdnt mind if I was collecting drops lol bizarre Zwift is fab wen it’s functioning well but so frustrating when it breaks each update it seems something breaks

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There was another update to ZC on Android. Now on 3.20.1.

@Wes has edited the original post, but it would be really helpful to add a new reply here too when doing that to highlight the change (since we can’t easily spot edited posts).

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Thanks I will take a look at ZC new update and I found yet another new update on the actual zwift game yesterday on Apple TV took ages to install but it seems to have at last stopped showing me zwifting 24/7 and don’t really want to say this for fear of the good result stopping but the big In game update is working as it was b4 the companion update so phew

Same here

  • Made a change to prevent underage Zwifters from viewing or participating in Club Chat.

I’ve not been invited to any clubs, but what sort of spicy conversations are taking place on club chat?!?!? :slight_smile:

Just restart using zwift again and Companion does not pair. Any idea why? I have Android 10. Months ago it was working just fine.

I’ve lost the function to take screenshots through the companion app :man_shrugging:t3: