Zwift Companion Release: May 4 (3.14 iOS, Android)

Same problem as above, Zwift Companion v3.14.2(1043), Android 5.0.2

I have the same problem too.

Any chance of seeing ANT+ in the android companion? (or is it on silently?)

Bluetooth in companion was a big improvement (my kickr Snap has terrible Bluetooth range), but I still have sporadic ANT issues I suspect may be signal strength related. (With my garmin HRM and power meter)

My setup: Samsung Galaxy tab S6 main, galaxy S20 companion

Same problem here. Companion app doesn’t show game mode on my Android phone or on my Kindle fire. This worked on both devices before. Oddly enough, the app on my phone shows that I’m actively zwifting, bit won’t show game controls.

I have a dual band router. If I connect my laptop to the 2.4ghz band and leave my companion app device (Android phone or Kindle fire) on the 5ghz band, the companion app switches to game once I’m zwifting. If my laptop is connected to 5ghz band, the app doesn’t show game mode on either device.

@Wes do you plan to introduce calendar sync for android as well please? Bit harsh on half the users that it only works with iOS devices.

Yes we’re working on bringing the calendar items to Android as well. :ride_on:

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good night, yesterday the 28th started a very boring problem and hj two more times, after finishing the race I click on save and then when I go to see it didn’t save anywhere, I need to know what it is, and if they can fix it soon, because I pay a lot expensive, to not be able to use it completely.

@Wes Are you planning on solving the issue some of us are having since the update (with Zwift Companion not showing the game mode while Zwifting)?

Sounds like your network connection is failing, are you on wifi? Is the signal weak?

good morning, yes, i use wi-fi, and the signal is very good, i never had a problem started on the 28th, the games i couldn’t save i couldn’t recover?

Drop a log file into and you might see what is causing the problem.

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