Zwift companion can't work after updated to version 3.34.1 on android system

zwift companion can’t work after updated to version 3.34.1 on android system. The app can’t get in,After falling back to the old version, you are prompted that you must update to the new version to use it. Pls fix it.

Hi Jay_Joe,
Is this the same issue as posted here a few days ago by another user in China?

If so, it might be good to add your post there and get more attention from Zwift support colleagues.

YES. TKS. I replied there.

not gona expect to get zw support’s reply.

few yrs ago i req apk or download link frm zw. they don’t provide

it seems to be a android app security policy of those famous apps, like Apple service does: “we don’t provide help for app isn’t download frm apple store”

I have Google Services installed in my Huawei phone , and update companion version from 3.33 to 3.34 in Google Play. But it still broke.