Zwift Companion App Missing Followers

When creating meetups I have a list of 100 “favorites” that I can quickly add to the ride. But, for some reason some of my “followers” are not appearing in the list. What makes is weirder … if I specifically search for the follower they will appear in the search window. The only way to add all my riders to a meetup is by searching for their names (one by one) in the window.

For example, if I have a follower named “Jason Lang” he is not appearing in the list of riders that follow me, BUT if I specifically search for his name it will appear.

Help! Adding these guys one by one is worse than a 20 minute power test.

Yep, this is the very annoying problem for Meetup organisers from Meetup Invitations problem

Thanks, Steve! I forgot you had already created this topic for us.