Meetup Invitations problem

Ever since the last Companion update (3.20.2), when I create a meetup I’m missing quite a few of my Followers from the list I’m presented with for choosing who to invite.

I can reproduce this easily. A reinstalling of ZC doesn’t make any difference.

Yes, these are people who follow me and not just who I follow. I can see them in my list of followers.

If I search my list of followers for one of those missing people, from inside the invitations screen, then they show up.

This is a major pain because I arrange a lot of Meetups.

I’m on Android. Anyone else seeing this?

The workaround appears to be for my followers with this problem to unfollow me and then follow again. That fixed it for two people, at least.


I am having the same problem, Steve. I arrange many meetups and it is very frustrating. No solution yet.

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I’ve raised an issue with Zwift support on this. After asking for screenshots, which I sent them, showing clearly how the people concerned were definitely following me, Zwift suggested that perhaps they weren’t following me.

After another email exchange Zwift support said that they were going to escalate it.

Please email Zwift support about it, to help them see that it’s not just me.

Also getting this problem! It’s also dropping people out the invite list when you select the ‘Do it again’ option. Really annoying when you’re arranging a regular meetup with 20+ people. Have contacted zwift support.

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Same problem here on iOS 12.5.1 using Companion v 3.21.1
Always the same people dropped when using «Do it again» button (my list content almost 50 riders).

Hoping for a cure very soon…

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Zwift support escalated this issue, and I’ve now heard back that they have identified an issue to do with meeting invitations not always working properly. They’re working on a fix.

My latest on this is that suddenly (different from a week ago) I’ve not got several more followers who consistently don’t show up as people that I can invite to a Meetup unless I search for them. Annoying.

It’s a right pain to sort out a big (approx 60) Meetup because I’ve got over 20 followers who I have to individually search for and add.

I’ve got a suspicion that it’s my oldest followers who are dropping off this list over time (despite still following me).

Did you get a solution for this? I organize 5 meetups a week for our province in Canada. I have over a dozen followers who do not appear in my list when I create meetups. Probably even more that I do not know of. I have to add them manually one by one by searching for their names. It’s very very annoying.

(Add this to another meetup issue where we regularly get very very unrealistic speeds, very very slow. I’m really getting annoyed with all the functional bugs around meetups. It’s really giving out club members mixed feeling about meetups and Zwift in general…)

No solution yet, but at least Zwift support tell me that an issue has been identified to do with meetup invitations.

I suggest that anyone with this issue raises it with Zwift support to try and help raise the profile of the issue.

I got an email back from Zwift last week. Just to say that there was people working on a fix and there is no work around in place at the moment.

I think that there is a workaround (other than adding people manually, of course). I had success with getting a couple of my problematic followers to unfollow me and then follow me again. After that, they were picked up ok in the invitations list.

Very frustrating that Zwift hq has not fixed this issue. I have to manually maintain a list of followers who do not appear in my list for meetup invitation and manually search and add them one by one. I usually invite up to 100 followers for 5 to 6 meetups a week. I have a liste of up to 20 missing followers and It’s really annoying to have to search and add them manually for each meetup (5 to 6 times a week and for months now). Hope a solution is out soon.

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Any fix to this issue yet? Seems like a pretty big deal that the follower functionnality is not working properly for months now. As soon as I accept a new follower to invite them to a meetup, an older follower disappears from the list. I have a least 25 followers that I have to manually search and add individually every meetup.

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Well it’s August and another Zrelease wo the fix for this or even an acknowledgment on this group. Common guys you can do better I think?

Is there anyone working on a solution to the meetup “do it again” replication defect that fails to carry names over? This is a real pain for users like me that have 3-4 meetups per week? Any target resolution date?

Steve Are you saying the unofficial work around of asking friends to unfollow you and than follow you does not work for at least 20 of your oldest followers? In other words this method does not fix this.

I haven’t created any big meetups for a couple of months or so now. But my experience had been that getting someone to unfollow me and follow me again did indeed work around the problem.

But I didn’t end up asking all my “problematic” followers to do this, and would just search for and invite them manually.

I don’t know whether my suggested workaround is a permanent one (e.g. the issue is to do with followers from after a certain fixed date), or whether it will keep happening over time with the oldest followers.

Ok I’m trying a test now and had one friend unfollow me. I’ll add if a friend unfollows you, they stay on a any pending meetups. Based on the thought a replicated meetup needs a new follower, on the test friend I also removed them from 2 pending meetups. I’ll wait a few hours and reverse this work around action.

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