Meetup Invitations problem

Ever since the last Companion update (3.20.2), when I create a meetup I’m missing quite a few of my Followers from the list I’m presented with for choosing who to invite.

I can reproduce this easily. A reinstalling of ZC doesn’t make any difference.

Yes, these are people who follow me and not just who I follow. I can see them in my list of followers.

If I search my list of followers for one of those missing people, from inside the invitations screen, then they show up.

This is a major pain because I arrange a lot of Meetups.

I’m on Android. Anyone else seeing this?

The workaround appears to be for my followers with this problem to unfollow me and then follow again. That fixed it for two people, at least.


I am having the same problem, Steve. I arrange many meetups and it is very frustrating. No solution yet.

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I’ve raised an issue with Zwift support on this. After asking for screenshots, which I sent them, showing clearly how the people concerned were definitely following me, Zwift suggested that perhaps they weren’t following me.

After another email exchange Zwift support said that they were going to escalate it.

Please email Zwift support about it, to help them see that it’s not just me.

Also getting this problem! It’s also dropping people out the invite list when you select the ‘Do it again’ option. Really annoying when you’re arranging a regular meetup with 20+ people. Have contacted zwift support.

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