Meetup Invitations problem

Hey Guys! After a summer away from Zwift I created a meetup with 100 followers yesterday and the problem of missing “favorites” still happens. Chatted online this morning for 30 minutes with tech support. No help. Any updates or solutions that you know of?

How many people are you following (including pending invites)? If it’s in the thousands - you should be aware there’s a cap of 5000 followers and pending invitees.

Would that apply in your case?

That does not apply to my account.

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I have discovered the same bug, and not just in repeated meetups but also in new meetups. It’s not just a pain to maintain a manual list of favorites that requires searching for, it is also a very negative experience for those Zwifters who were regularly invited but now no longer get invited, for the many meetups where this problem is not recognized. Unless Zwift aims to engender negative feelings between Zwifters, which I imagine is not good for business, Zwift should fix this bug promptly.

I just started my first meetup invite and discovered this issue as well. It looks like the list is truncated at around 200, so older followers aren’t displayed if there are more than that?
It’d be nice to be able to filter by followers that I’m also following.

I’m having the same problem with the Meetup invitation list. Invariably, those I most value including are not appearing. Any word of a fix yet?

This has been a software defect for well over a year.