Can't follow more than 5000 friends

I assume you got the age from the companion app or Zwift game.

Yes. In fact I follow >5,000 Zwifters. I thought I might be up against a max limit, so unfollowed someone, but wasn’t allowed to follow. I’m now getting the message “Could not follow user.”

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Not saying this is what is going on with you but I remember reading about someone being “shadow banned” a little ways back and it prevented them from following people.

You can try reaching out to Zwift support to see if that’s the case, but due to the current influx of riders it will probably be a longer than normal time for them to respond.

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Well, I don’t think I’m “shadow banned”. I just logged into Zwift and just watched without pairing. I was able to chat with people and I collected a bunch of Ride-Ons while I was sitting there.

I couldn’t add the guy I was chatting with …

So I just submitted my first post here to Zwift Support. We’ll see what happens …

This has also been happening to me the last few days–can’t follow anyone new on the companion app (Pixel 3a).

However, I was able to follow new people at the conclusion of my ride on an Apple TV (where it shows the highlights of your ride, etc.)

Hi Everyone,

Quick update on this… over the weekend we made a change that will limit the number of Zwifters you can follow to 5,000. This change was made to address a few edge case scenarios where the Zwift experience would degrade for users following a significantly large number of Zwifters.

This cap will remain in effect for the near term as we work on a solution for these edge cases.

We’ll be updating Zwift Companion to better inform users when they hit this limit (currently the button to follow is simply missing which isn’t super informative :slight_smile:)

Ride On :ride_on:


That explains my problem. I’m an edge case. Might be time for a rename: Edge Case Grumpini.

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One person’s “Edge Case” is another person’s “Power User”. :ride_on:


What about when someone that we are not following starts following us? Can you allow us to follow them back - it’s the social thing to do.

By the way, I haven’t noticed any degradation of the experience. :sunglasses::man_biking::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Hi Wes,
I’m one of those people who follow >5,000 Zwifters. Is there a way you could purge the list of people I follow so that I no longer follow people who have unsubscribed from Zwift? If that’s done automatically, could you purge the list of people I follow to remove those who have not ridden in the past 30 days?

Thanks in advance!


Hi all,
I have the same problem and I have unfollowed a lot of peope, now I’m following 4800 but I cannot add users that are following me (I like following people who follows me), I have the button to add follower but still the same message in companion “Could not follow user”, I think that @Olden_Grumpini posted in the last reply would be great.

Thank you


In the Zwift app on Android i can not add any Zwifters anymore?
Everytime i try to add a new Zwift friend i get the same error “could not add user”
Its been like for the last week or so…

Kind Regards
Kenn Port

How many people are you following? Zwift just put a 5000 person limit on.

We should still be allowed to Follow Back anyone who begins a follow on us. It’s the social thing to do.

The current setting is like letting someone stalk us without being able to see them. Are we supposed to force-end-following any new followers???

This cannot be allowed to continue. :angry:

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Hi all,

Now i’m following around 4700 and now I can add people , but with 4800 I couldn’t, if the limit is 5000 or 4800 or whatever I think that makes sense massive remove of following people by contions like people unsuscribed o people who does not follow you an so on (or without limit too), I think that Zwift could improve the managment of following and followers.

Thank you

I follow more than 5000 people… :frowning_face:
So no more friends on Zwift i guess… :rage:

Thanks Zwift :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :broken_heart:

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Same here

Is Zwift working on code that will enable to manage our followers in an easy manner. Currently we can see who we follow but there’s no easy way to tell if they follow us back. (Open their list - look for my name - if they have many … too cumbersome & slow).

It’s very frustrating - I currently have about 50 new followers that I can’t be social with …

Ideally, the management tool should be web-based. Please let us know what is being done and considered.


I am suffering the same problem and I’m not even near the 5000 cap. I have built my following through supportive Ride Ons, and then people send me a Follow Request. I accept it and then I go to extend the courtesy and it will highlight blue, but not allow a follow back. Started for me just a day ago. App has been updated for over a week now so it wasn’t because of that.

Using an iPhone on latest iOS.

@Olden_Grumpini all I can say is thank goodness you and I were connected before all of this nonsense started. :blush::blush::+1:t2: You were one of my first followers and I was happy to connect back.

As a follow up point, this is kinda bull crap. Because I remember coming across a few people that have over 30,000 and 50,000 people they were following. Did Zwift do a clean sweep of their accounts? It wouldn’t seem right that we can’t follow back people that follow us. Isn’t that the meaning “Social”?

P.S. sorry, not to double dip in a thread. But I also find it frustrating that when setting up a Meet-Up, when you can only select people who follow you, why it doesn’t load your whole list of followers as you scroll. Some weeks I would like to mix it up wth who I invite. But I pretty much get the same group of people so select. :cry:

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