Meet-up followers not shown

When setting up a meetup for a selected list of followers some are not shown in the immediate list on the invite zwifters screen. I found a way around the bug by typing the name of the individual to find them and was then able to include them. Was not ideal as I was including individuals by reference to a tag in their name and it’s easier to find then by scrolling through the complete list.

Bug extends to the same individual also dropping off a new meet-up invite if you hit the ‘do it again’ button from a previous meet-up. They attended the previous meet-up. The individuals can be re added manually if you know which ones have been missed off.

Anybody else experienced this - not aware of seeing it before. I am aware that only active members will be shown - all of these are active members but they have been inactive and then reactivated their account at some point. Could this be the reason - reactivated users are not readied to the list