Group Meetup - Followers not shown on list and available for inclusion on invite

When setting up a Group Meet-up for a selected list of followers I have observed that some of my followers are not shown on the INVITE ZWIFTERS list in the setup box. It is possible to type the name of the individual in the search followers box, and find the individual (if you know who you are looking for) but that individual is not listed in the scroll list.

I am aware that only active members will be shown on the list - however I believe it is a bug because the individuals who are not shown on the scroll list have at some point deactivated their account and now subsequently reactivated their account.

Its a nuisance not to be able to scroll through your follower list and select individuals to include in a Group Meet-up especially if you are looking for Zwifters with a particular acronym after their name, e.g a club event.

I am also aware that if you hit the ‘do it again’ button from a previous meet-up, the individuals who were not in your scroll list (those you subsequently added manually by searching for them as above) disappear from the new event invite and you are required to search for them again.

Did you get a response or solution to this? It’s really frustrating. It’s as if all my early followers disappear when I add new followers.

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