List of all followers not showing for invitation when creating a Meetup

I’m setting up a “Meetup” but there are a lot of friends who follow me that doesn´t show on the list so that I can invite them. Those who are not on the list, I have to use “search” to find him/her, but it’s obvious that it is a way to deal with a problem and not the solution :slight_smile: Any advise?

I have the same issue … Response about that ?

This still seems to be an issue. Was there any response provided?

I don’t… maybe your just following them and they aren’t following you! It’s happened to me before… or just add some of your fave ppl to favorites…

No, unfortunately there has been no response in this past 2 years :slight_smile:

If someone is not following you, you can´t invite them no matter how you try to … I could still invite them using the search engine because they were following me :wink:

Lol, but wouldn’t it matter if that person’s account was private… but if someone u aren’t following and they have a public profile then can’t you just invite them without following them? :rofl:

That’s confusing lol

Correct. If they’re not following you (even if you’re following them), you can’t invite them to a Meetup.

Ohh… OKAY! :ok_hand: