Question on meetup

Meet ups are becoming more important worldwide due to the epidemic. I just got an invite but didn’t join at that particular moment, then it disappeared and I’m not sure where to look for it to join up. Where can I find it if I don’t join immediately, then want to return to it and join. Thanks!

Check the companion app under Events, there is an icon that looks like 3 people/busts and that is where all the meetup invites should be.

Hmm, yes I looked there. Maybe I was disinvited. :frowning:

You cant late join a meetup, maybe that is why?

No, it was for tomorrow. Think she changed her mind…was a pro who is in quarantine in Italy that I’ve followed for a while. Followed me too then was off my follower list, lol. Going stir crazy there and perhaps made a rash decision. I would have totally dropped her. Ha. Not really.