Zwift Companion App, IOS version, 3.2.0 (570) - No course displayed

(Geof Shapiro ZER) #1

Since I upgraded to the version specified in the topic, events are not displaying the course selected for the event.

The display in ZCA for a group ride used to look like this:

…but since the update to the 3.2.0 (570) version, ride course is omitted in favor of the jersey selection:

I don’t really care about the jersey, but very much care about the course for the ride (flat, hilly, mix, etc). Bug, or by design?

(Y SH) #2


(John Schneider) #3

A new update to Zwift Companion 3.2.1 was released today. Please update your app and see if this problem persists. If it does please submit a support ticket with this link. Please include these screenshots and new screenshots for comparison.

(Geof Shapiro ZER) #4

Happy camper now with 3.2.1. Thank you!

(John Schneider) #5

You’re welcome, I’m glad to hear it worked. Ride On!

(Y SH) #6

John it now shows the route in the main description but not in the different categories. I guess this is so that the jersey type can be shown

but it’s still a bit confusing

(Geof Shapiro ZER) #7

Yes, I noticed that too, but didn’t consider it important enough as the course is shown in at least one place. But, honestly, I kind of think selected jersey is pretty unimportant and doesn’t need to be shown at all.