Tour de Zwift jersey not showing while in event

During the Tour De Zwift stages (I’ve done 3 so far) the jersey ok all riders is he orange Zwift default and not the TDZ jersey, any idea why?

And if I’m in D?

Doesn’t matter what cat you’re in. Pick a route, A to C, and ride with everyone else.


D is the Women only ride. Forgive me for assuming this is might be inappropriate for you.

How have you done 3 stages there have only been 2 available so far?

True, I meant I did the A and B categories of stage 1 and the A of stage 2.

What are you running Zwift on? Is it updated to the latest version of Zwift?


I’ve got the same issue everyone in orange kits. Pissing me off more than it should do!

T was right, a simple app update fixed it

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