Tour de Zwift 2021 FAQ

So I can’t ride any as I’m not a woman?

I see 8 circles top left but how do I enter a route that gives a passport? Again no explanation by Zwift

Eh? Are you asking because you’re a D cat rider? The A-D entry pens are different length (time) routes for Tour de Zwift, and nothing to do with w/kg categories.


Why is it Zwift make everything so complicated. I entered the tour in December but how do I enter the relevant stages? It doesn’t tell you anywhere. Then I look and cos I’m in D and not a woman there are none?

I give in. Zwift would be awesome if they explained things

In the usual way via Zwift Companion. Pick the length of route you want via the A, B or C route choices.

Or you can do it via the Tour de Zwift page on the website, if you’re logged in.

I’m a newbie/rookie but at level 16 currently in normal Zwift. I’d like to know where I place after each Tour de Zwift stage but there is nothing displaying how I did. I realize it’s not so much a race but I would at least like to know where I finished.

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Hi @Lee_BLUESYLEE_BCCC, welcome to the forums.

Having a GC (general classification) for the Tour was requested by users a few weeks ago. Last year during the tour de Zwift they had race stages as well as group rides, for some reason they didn’t do that this year so no GC was setup. Zwift then tried to create one last week, but it failed and wouldn’t work because each stage is different routes and lengths so it would really be meaningless.

So, unfortunately there is no way to see how you compare with others this year.



okay, can someone with more experience help me choose a beginner level for stage 3? I chose Group C and I see that Group B and D are the same. Is Group A or C a better route for a beginner?

I don’t believe there’s easier stages as such… I think it’s more to do with distance.
A. Being the longest
B. Being classed as a standard ride and shorter than A
C. Being the shortage ride of all.
D. Is for women only.

I believe that is correct. If not someone will enlighten us both. :grin:

Basically chose a ride with a length you like and ride at the pace you want to.


You need to enter the stage on the events tab on the companion app.
Basically chose the day and time you would like.

I’m doing both the bike and run TDZ. Anyone know why the stage 4 run shorter version are all listed as 14.8 miles?

Stage 4 is weeks away, meaning Zwift has time to fix whatever is wrong.

Sand and Sequoias is not 9.4mi unless there is a different Sand and Sequoias for running than the cycling route (12.6mi).

Casse-Pattes distance is correct, but definitely not shorter than Sand and Sequoias.

Zwift will fix it eventually, probably when Stage 3 is about finished :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As Steve already commented, the ‘normal’ (wkg) categories don’t apply for events like TdZ. All wkg levels ride together on whichever course option they choose, and groupings of similar abilities come together naturally. Why Zwift doesn’t change to options like 1-4 for event like TdZ is beyond me (it has been suggested many times, because of confusion just like this), but they just don’t seem to care.

So, just pick the route that looks the best to you and go with it.


You need to register at
It will show how you did compared to other Zwifters on ZP.
Or take a screenshot just before you cross the finish line.

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It isn’t so much the length of stage 3 as it is the amount of climbing.
A=1200 meters, B=1000 and C=683
Sometimes riders choose the selection with the most riders in it.

Thank you. Okay I definitely didn’t get that message. It seemed as though the event didn’t end weirdly . I see that I did it but I didn’t get any recognition and it shows I went 25 k ( because I did carry on a bit but it was only supposed to be 23.5 k.

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I wonder if I can manually get credit or if I just have to do it again …

Edit: I redid the ride…, fingers crossed it worked. I saw my time and the route badge so I’m hopeful :crossed_fingers:


I’ve completed stage 1 of Tour de Zwift 2021 (received mail confirmation) yet did not showed as completed in my “passport”. Yesterday i completed stage 2 and this one checked in.
Anyone had same problem? Is it glitch or need i ride it once again in make up days?
Ride on