Zwift Climb Portal needs portal at the top of each climb

as the title says>>

it takes way too long to get to the bottom of the climb and i would like to be able to just keep teleporting to the bottom.

it takes so long that i am typing this request while i try to get to the bottom of col de’aspin ;_;

switch to time trial bike with disc wheel and pedal faster.

Problem solved!

Totally agree - we need a portal at the top of each big climb so i can just go to the top and ride down - going down is way more fun! (for me amyway)

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Even better if the loop at top of each climb had portal roads to each of the other climbs.


You could just keep climbing on different roads for hours. :smiley:



I’m also thinking, if there were a portal at the top, you could create race events that are “inter dimensional”, like, once you reach the summit you could be transported to a whole different sector immediately after