Zwift Click does not work

Hi @Stephan_Mann
Welcome to Zwift forums. Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

I believe you, but I’m looking at your server logs and the last time I saw a clean connection to your Click on January 3, it was on firmware version 1.0.0. The latest version is v1.1.0.

Please check the Companion app and verify that you’re on 1.1.0. It’s possible the firmware update process may not have completed.

#2 - I’m also seeing you log in from two different iPhones. I imagine that’s because you’re troubleshooting, but what’s happening is that you’re logged in on two different devices at the same time, and the Click can only pair to one device at a time.

Always save & exit (or trash and exit) your Zwift session, then force-close the app. Swiping the app into the background is not the same - the app continues to run if you do that. If you want to completely avoid concurrent logins - install the Zwift app on only one of your phone, and uninstall on other devices.

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